Saturday, February 23, 2013

wow - more than a year since my last post, and so much has changed

I have to laugh when I look at my last post - my life is so different just 14 months later.

And I have to say, there may be a reason I didn't blog in 2012 - it was a pretty awful year for me. Who wants to read that crap?

So here we are, 2 months into 2013. I, once again, am in a new job, started on January 7th 2013. This time, I'm back to my roots, public relations and marketing, writing, creating, learning.  Out of the skilled nursing admissions business, which was killing my soul. I do miss working with the families and residents, for they fed my soul. But I don't miss the paperwork and the regulations and the politics.

Funny, then, that I'm back to working in local government, where politics abound. But it's a different type of politics, and politics which I actually understand. Politics which are reported on in the papers, on the blogs, on Facebook & Twitter.  Not the crap that is an undercurrent.

I am absolutely loving the world of Transportation Demand Management (TDM).  It's fascinating and more entwined with the environment and economics than I'd ever realized.  A new soapbox. Yippee!!

One of my 2013 goals is to write, somewhere, something, every day. I now have a blog to keep up for work, and I'm trying, once again, to tweet.  I have been rather stressed about how to make ends meet, and if I can possibly find my voice, write articles and submit them, write short fiction and submit it, maybe I can make $$ from that? If I don't try I won't know.

If you're reading this, which you are likely not (for why would anyone follow a blog that isn't updated for 14 months?!?) you may have an opinion on this, and I'd love to hear it.  I may try out some ideas here, put some of my writing here first.  Thanks in advance for any input!

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