Saturday, December 10, 2011

Comfort & Joy, Sister-style

Going to baby myself a bit today....over-did things yesterday and my ankle is screaming at me, so today it's R-I-C-E all over again to try to get this pain under control.

relaxin' in my KN pj's chosen with LOVE!
When I woke up today, I found my very favorite, 13 year old jammies to don. They're Karen Neuburger in a washed-out plum color with a leaf pattern, still soft and comfy after all of these years. My amazing sister, Claudia, gave them to me back in 1998 when I was going through treatment for thyroid cancer. She gave me two sets, and while the other one (with adorable snowmen on it) wore out several years ago, these are still going strong, just as I  :)

These jammies bring me so much comfort and joy - every time I put them on, I remember how much love went into selecting them for me. When you no longer have a thyroid and have to be off meds for weeks in order to prep for ablation therapy/treatment, you are always cold...chattering teeth cold.  Claudia wanted me to be wrapped in warmth, and so she gifted me with these amazing warm, indulgent pj's.  She also gifted me with the unquestionable knowledge that she loves me more than anyone has a right to be loved. For this, I am eternally grateful.

As I wear the jammies and nurse my health issues of another type today, I will carry her love around with me. As I take time to indulge my creativity and make more cards and tags, I will feel her influence, guidance, and love enveloping me and know that she is proud of me and my accomplishments. And I will, always, love her back!

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Maaaaatha said...

Sisters are awesome!! Enjoy your day :)