Saturday, September 24, 2011

Parenthood at 3:30 a.m.

Parenthood, both the actual being a parent and the show on NBC, are pure joy these days, sprinkled with a bit of angst and frustration.

Tori continues to amaze me.  I know I'm her mom, and I'm supposed to be proud and love her beyond words, but - wow.  She weathered a summer full of rejection and down-time, at times questioning what on earth she was supposed to be doing with her life (as all of us do from time to time).  Now, moving into the autumn months, she has hit her stride.  Working two part time jobs - one in food service and one in retail - as well as performing in a cult-classic musical show for which she was specifically recruited - she is so busy her head is spinning. But she is finally loving life again.  And it's wonderful to behold.

The Braverman clan of NBC's Parenthood is also back this fall, and I am once again hooked.  These characters feel like members of my family, which is to say that they're both immeasurably special/worthy of love and frustrating at times.  I've never seen so many issues confronted at once by television characters.  Christina is wound so tightly she may explode at any moment. Her love for her family, especially her children, is admirable, but does she have to be so anxious about everything? I just want to give her some xanax and a glass of wine!  Others who I am both fascinated by and want to smack this season include Hattie, Julia, Adam, and Crosby. And what's with Sarah, having even one iota of a doubt about getting involved with Jason Ritter's character?? Duh!

It may seem silly to blog about a tv show, but I am trying to just write, at least a little, every today. On this, my 48th birthday, I am going to start blogging every day, even if it's one sentence or one paragraph.  I have projects I want to re-open, and things I need to write. In order to move forward, I need to write daily.

So, here goes....

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