Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend adventures

This has been a good weekend - a good mix of relaxing, work around the house, and family time. For the first time in a good while, Tori and I spent the bulk of Saturday and Sunday together, which was really nice.

Saturday, we took Lucy into Downtown Frederick for First Saturday's Dog Days. While we had wanted to dress her up in her Ariel costume, she's outgrown it, so we dropped by PetSmart and got her a cute little tie-dye style t-shirt and some bows to put in her ears. She looked adorable! She wasn't nearly the best costumed dog there - many were simply adorable and very creative. We especially loved the young girl there with her two golden retrievers - they all had matching leg warmers and headbands. Still, we had a great time just walking around and "ooh-ing and aah-ing" at all the adorable dogs.

Today (Sunday), we just hung out at home. Highlights included laughing until I thought I'd puke as Tori read exerpts from a website with auto-corrected texts. They were ridiculous! Then we worked together to make my mom's (Grammy's) cabbage & dumplings for dinner. That was a really nice experience. We've been laughing a lot together today. I am remembering why I love being a mom!

So, now it's on to a new week. Ugh!

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