Thursday, January 20, 2011

Croneyism at its worst

Bush I and his cronies met today and are still lying about the first and second (and continuing) Gulf Wars. It is amazing me, seeing them around a table being interviewed by Brian Williams on NBC's Nightly News, lying with no compunction, some even contradicting the lies of others. And Cheney smirking his now more skeletal evil smirk all the while. It all makes me sick.

The first war was about oil, no doubt about it. The 2nd, junior's way of avenging his daddy's attempted assassination. Interesting that Cheney was in a bunker as the planes hit on 9-11, as if he was expecting it? It all just drives me nuts. I know this is rambling and a bit paranoid, but come on - Bush, Cheney, Baker, and even Colin Powell, 20 years later, still trying to pull the wool over the Nation's eyes. Truly disappointing.