Saturday, November 20, 2010

And so, Thanksgiving-palooza 2010 Begins!!!

Tori's home! Up in her room, in bed, sleeping. Lucy is snoozing on the sofa beside me, and It's Academic is on the TV. If Urbana weren't playing, it would be a perfect morning :)

Today will be a hang around home day, then "It's a Wonderful Wreath" at Daybreak Adult Daycare this evening and maybe some gettin' wild with Anne from up the street after that. Tori may be headed up to the Mount to visit Maggie, and I'm sure these next few days she's going to try to catch up with as many friends as possible.

Wednesday bright and EARLY, we head off to catch the MegaBus to NYC!!! YEEHA! A once-in-a-lifetime few days to see the Rockettes, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and The Big Apple on Black Friday. Starting to think I am insane to have even planned this, but it's done now. No turning back!

So, here's to kids home from college, houses full of love & laughter, and road trips! Stay tuned.... !

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