Monday, September 20, 2010

Making Progress

I can tell I'm moving forward toward my fitness goals. Tonight, on a 2 mile walk with Lucy, we climbed an approximately 20 degree uphill route out of Unionville - had me huffin' and puffin' a bit as I tried to keep my pace at a decent clip. As we leveled out, I saw a rather nice downhill, maybe at a 35 degree drop, just ahead of me. The old me, even just two weeks ago, would've said "forget it - I've done one hill, I'm tired, I'm turning around!" But the "new" me said "OK, I'll go down this big hill plus a bit further, even though it means I'll have to climb the incline to head back home." I pushed myself further than I thought I could go, and when I turned around and approached the base of that 35 degree hill, instead of whining about it, I chanted "the hill is my friend" over and over until I reached the top. Then, baby, it was all downhill from there! SUCCESS!

Poor Lucy was panting, her tongue lolling out the side of her mouth. But she seemed overall energized by the exercise, too. My legs didn't feel numb or heavy when I was done, either. So I'm more confident about tomorrow night's workout now that I challenged myself a bit and survived.

I'm starting to see this challenge as a metaphor for my life post-divorce and only child off to college. I am not just going to survive - I am going to thrive. I am not going to let sore muscles, wind sprints, or hills defeat me, damn it! I am going to conquer my fears and my attitude that I am too old, too out of shape, to become healthy. I am going to WIN!


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Lori Cole said...

So proud of you, Margie!!!! Happy New Life!!!