Thursday, September 16, 2010

Frederick Wellness Challenge, Week 1

So, the 2010 Fall Frederick Wellness Challenge began on Saturday, September 11th up at Upward Enterprises on the grounds of the Bishop Claggett Center. We went, we saw, we conquered the steep woodland trails, the meadow-based team sprints, and, finally the zip line (and the hike back up that damn steep woodland trail - again!). I hadn't known to expect such an intense physical experience, which is a good thing - I doubt I'd have signed up if I had!

Session 2 with Evy, our trainer, I had to miss due to electioneering for Michele on Election Day. When I got to Session 3 this evening at Baker Park, it was raining a steady, cool rain. I was the 3rd person to arrive, and the other two people were talking about how sore they were from Tuesday. Grrrrreeeeaaattt....I thought. And they're both fit-looking. Crap. Am I going to be able to do this?

As others arrived, all were talking about how much pain they were in. Their quads, their calves, their backs, their abs....hurting. I started to panic. Seriously, what was I DOING there?!??! Evy arrived, and confirmed that yes, we would be exercising in the park in the rain from 7-8 p.m. No crybabies allowed (she didn't say that, but I knew that to be true!).

Sure enough, we started with a warm-up walk in the rain, around the perimeter of Baker Park. Many were running, some jogging. I started out trotting, and finished up walking at a race pace. Then time for wall squats and jumping jacks. Oh joy. Then over to the tennis courts, where the REAL fun began. We had to do sprints, in teams of two...but then, we had to lay down - YES, IN THE PUDDLES IN THE RAIN! - and do planks. We were all soaking wet, and my glasses were impossible to see through. we continued - squats, squat side shuffles (football style), push ups, and lat push ups. I couldn't see anything at all and I was pretty damn miserable. BUT, I was doing it!

We finished up with a walk back to the bandshell all around the park as a cool down, then some stretches. It was probably the most miserable hour of exercise I've ever completed, yet somehow I feel a huge sense of accomplishment. My hair was dripping, my clothes were sopping wet, and my ego was drowning because I saw just how behind the group I am in terms of keeping up. But I was out there. I WAS OUT THERE!!!

On my drive home, I had to give myself a major pep talk. I know I'm going to be wicked sore on Saturday morning when the next workout is scheduled. I know my bed is going to be awfully comfy at 6 a.m. when I will have to get out of it to head to the 7 a.m. workout. I know that I am going to be cursing Evy up one side and down the other. I know I am going to still feel intimidated by the abilities of the others in the challenge.

I also know, and I am telling myself every 10 seconds, that I AM NOT GOING TO BE A QUITTER ON THIS!!! I have quit so many things. I have a reputation in my family and among my friends as someone who starts a lot but finishes few things. Quitters don't reach goals. I am going to succeed during this challenge and finish it. I am NOT going to quit!

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