Sunday, August 29, 2010

of organizing, cleaning, and lawncare

such a boring topic, you say? Oh, to the contrary...

Organizing: I have a lot of crap. A.Lot.Of.Crap.!!! And a very small house. Much of the crap has to go (hence the yard sale scheduled for 9/25 - come buy my crap, and my brother's!). I've spent time over the past few days sorting stuff out and throwing a lot away. It's amazing how much I "needed" when I purchased it vs. how much I need it now! The purging of nonessential stuff feels very purifying. I like it!

Cleaning: UGH! I am having to learn not to fear spiders or earwigs - there are a plethora of both in my basement! Over the past year, I've had a stockpile of boxes gather in the corners, and they are now broken down and in the recycling bin where they belong.

The big surprise when I went down to the basement this morning: A garment rack that's been by the basement door for storage/hanging of jackets & sweaters was in a heap on the floor, with various & sundry large items of clothing in said heap with it. And the aforementioned boxes added to the mess. What the....??? Someone obviously broke the damn thing and neglected to mention it to me. I believe that someone is now safely ensconced in a dorm in Harrisonburg, VA, now safe from my yelling. Or in a Salisbury apartment. The basement door was locked by the knob, which I have never done for fear of getting locked out. This means that someone who does not have a key left via that door after the carnage. Again, points to a teenager.

I've now dismantled the rack (which was going to be used for yardsale, dammit) and cleaned up the clothing. Swept - and found a boatload of creepy-crawlies. Had to squish a lot and keep on going, despite the fact that my skin was crawling and I still feel as if I have bugs crawling up my neck. Ugh. But I feel a major sense of accomplishment, which brings me to....

Lawn: My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew were here yesterday and got my push mower working again. God Bless Mem, who weeded the back pavers and helped get stuff hosed down. While Matt & Mem took a truckload of stuff to Kit's, Kevin mowed more of my lawn and I used the now working leafblower to get all of the various and sundry dead grass, leaves, and sticks off of the deck, driveway, and pavers. Then I round-upped the weeds in the cracks. My house doesn't look like the blight on the neighborhood anymore!!! Yay!

So, I will go into a new week fresh and focused on making it to Friday and Myrtle Beach - Here's to getting things done and reclaiming one's environment!

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