Tuesday, August 17, 2010

moving forward

I went to see Dr. Rashidian this afternoon and his comment when seeing my self assessment form - "wow - you've checked a lot of things off as health issues!" I was embarrassed, but also relieved that maybe I am going to get some answers. After a series of x-rays, thermal scans, and range of motion tests, I feel as if maybe I'm moving forward on the road to wellness at last. I go back in on the 19th to get the results. I'm nervous, but also hopeful.

After I left his office, I stopped into a cool new store (well, new to me - they've been there almost a year!) in downtown Frederick, Accessories of Old. Owner Andrew Mainz was there and he was very charming and funny. I bought some really cool paper flowers with antique buttons & crystals in their centers for cards & scrapbook pages, but didn't buy half of what caught my eye. So many cool pins, old-style hair barrettes & clips, and cloth appliques that resembled those that used to adorn my sundresses and jumpsuits back when mom made some of my clothes. It really is a cool shop - I strongly recommend that, if you're creative or crafty at all, you stop in the next time you're downtown. You can visit their website at www.accessoriesofold.com. He has a blog, too!

So I have an unplanned evening this evening, which is really, really nice! I do have a lot to get done, such as laundry, but I don't feel much like being productive....we'll see what wins - laziness or productivity.

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