Thursday, August 26, 2010

God's hand and changes

Well, today is my first day as an empty-nester. Plus I spent an hour at my lawyer's office this morning finalizing my divorce, which will be truly, truly final in about 30-60 days. The legal process takes time, even when things are mutual and uncontested, it seems.

So, on the way home from running errands, I got behind a schoolbus. It was about noon, so I figured it was either empty on its way to wait to get the HS students around 2:30, or it had 1/2 day preschoolers aboard.

sure enough, the flashers went on, and the bus stopped. A young mom with a toddler in her arms approached, camera in her free hand ready and aimed at the bus doors. A tow-headed 4 year old launched herself onto the driveway from the bus steps and ran toward mom and brother. Her enthusiasm and excitement were so evident. Her backpack was nearly bigger than she, and she was practically bouncing up the driveway.

I burst into tears. Wasn't it just last week I was greeted by Tori off of the Kindergarden bus in a similar fashion? It can't have been 13 YEARS ago! Funny, but I felt the hand of God once again, reminding me to savor each moment, as the moments go by so quickly. My tow-headed 4 year old is now a raven-haired 18 year old beauty. She hugged me goodbye yesterday outside of Shorts Hall at JMU and I told her how very proud I am of her. I didn't cry then, and was very proud of that, as I didn't want to get her upset. I made up for it this afternoon!

Now for a nice, relaxing nap!

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sheila said...

Welcome to the wonderful, bittersweet world of Moms with an Empty Nest. You'll probably get hit with tears a lot at random times, and the first few weeks and months may be surprisingly hard. I'm here for you, call me, OK?