Sunday, August 15, 2010

Being Whacked in the Head by God

OK, so....

I am always wanting to do things and then not doing them because I'm too tired, too stressed, too something. But after a very rough two weeks in my personal and work life, I decided to actually do two things that I wanted to:

1) Go to Friday at Four, a networking opportunity at Danielle's restaurant sponsored by Frederick270 Magazine & other local businesses.

2) Go see "DonQ" at the MET Saturday night, to support some of my favorite local thespians (notably Karli Cole & Wilson Seltzer, though I found that many other kids I love were also in the show!)

At Friday's event, in addition to the typical networking, there was a 15 minute presentation by a local chiropractor, Dr. Amir Rashidian, on stress and how we can gain control over our negative reactions to it in order to improve our over-all wellbeing and lives. He made a lot of sense! He also offered a free wellness screening to anyone there. Afterward, I signed myself up to see him on Tuesday, 8/17 and get an honest, real picture of the damage I've done to my physical self over the years. It's going to be scary, but I have to know in order to move forward. I've never been to a chiropractor, but he seemed to honestly know what he's talking about and I had an immediate trust in him.

I left there feeling as if there was a very distinct reason that I actually made the time and effort to attend that particular networking event when I've blown off so many others. I felt the hand of God in the whole thing, and left feeling empowered, hopeful, and thankful.

Then, I knew that I wanted to go see Karli & Wilson in DonQ at the MET, but I was flagging in energy and motivation. For some reason, I forced myself to buy tickets and Tori and I went Saturday night, to the final performance. Well, again, I found myself believing that God had led me to that show. You may know the story of Don Quixote of LaMancha, and this was a local woman's adaptation of the story. It was a beautifully-done show. Wow. I totally bought into the message in the first Act, but it was during the second Act, when DonQ was talking to Mike about his leadership of LaMancha, the need to understand what our role in our world is, and our ability to make our lives what we want/need them to be that I actually broke down and sobbed. I heard the message loud & clear. I can blame stress, I can blame a challenging period at work, I can say I don't have the time or the money, but the more excuses I make the less well I will be.

So, I embark on a new journey. Kit is settled on his own at Edenton and Tori is about to head off to college. My divorce will be final very soon. I have the power to make my life what I want/need it to be, or to float along having little to no energy and live a mediocre life. I am choosing wellness, I am choosing energy, I am choosing LIFE.

Thank God for His wisdom and grace. Thank God for my amazing friends and colleagues. Stay tuned to see how this all works out!!!

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sheila said...

Powerful stuff, thanks for writing and sharing it, I didn't know you had a blog until you mentioned it on Facebook today. I have also felt the hand of God leading me to places, people and things, especially over the last year with all of my family drama. Every time, God has given me "outside the box" solutions that I never would have thought of, and they ended up being more wonderful than I ever could have come up with myself!

These days, I pray for knowledge of God's will and the courage and strength to carry it out. When I do that, my life is amazing. I wish the same for you.

Looking forward to seeing you soon! There have been some unfortunate developments in my family life this week, but with God's help, I will get through it.

Blessings, Sheila