Sunday, August 29, 2010

of organizing, cleaning, and lawncare

such a boring topic, you say? Oh, to the contrary...

Organizing: I have a lot of crap. A.Lot.Of.Crap.!!! And a very small house. Much of the crap has to go (hence the yard sale scheduled for 9/25 - come buy my crap, and my brother's!). I've spent time over the past few days sorting stuff out and throwing a lot away. It's amazing how much I "needed" when I purchased it vs. how much I need it now! The purging of nonessential stuff feels very purifying. I like it!

Cleaning: UGH! I am having to learn not to fear spiders or earwigs - there are a plethora of both in my basement! Over the past year, I've had a stockpile of boxes gather in the corners, and they are now broken down and in the recycling bin where they belong.

The big surprise when I went down to the basement this morning: A garment rack that's been by the basement door for storage/hanging of jackets & sweaters was in a heap on the floor, with various & sundry large items of clothing in said heap with it. And the aforementioned boxes added to the mess. What the....??? Someone obviously broke the damn thing and neglected to mention it to me. I believe that someone is now safely ensconced in a dorm in Harrisonburg, VA, now safe from my yelling. Or in a Salisbury apartment. The basement door was locked by the knob, which I have never done for fear of getting locked out. This means that someone who does not have a key left via that door after the carnage. Again, points to a teenager.

I've now dismantled the rack (which was going to be used for yardsale, dammit) and cleaned up the clothing. Swept - and found a boatload of creepy-crawlies. Had to squish a lot and keep on going, despite the fact that my skin was crawling and I still feel as if I have bugs crawling up my neck. Ugh. But I feel a major sense of accomplishment, which brings me to....

Lawn: My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew were here yesterday and got my push mower working again. God Bless Mem, who weeded the back pavers and helped get stuff hosed down. While Matt & Mem took a truckload of stuff to Kit's, Kevin mowed more of my lawn and I used the now working leafblower to get all of the various and sundry dead grass, leaves, and sticks off of the deck, driveway, and pavers. Then I round-upped the weeds in the cracks. My house doesn't look like the blight on the neighborhood anymore!!! Yay!

So, I will go into a new week fresh and focused on making it to Friday and Myrtle Beach - Here's to getting things done and reclaiming one's environment!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

God's hand and changes

Well, today is my first day as an empty-nester. Plus I spent an hour at my lawyer's office this morning finalizing my divorce, which will be truly, truly final in about 30-60 days. The legal process takes time, even when things are mutual and uncontested, it seems.

So, on the way home from running errands, I got behind a schoolbus. It was about noon, so I figured it was either empty on its way to wait to get the HS students around 2:30, or it had 1/2 day preschoolers aboard.

sure enough, the flashers went on, and the bus stopped. A young mom with a toddler in her arms approached, camera in her free hand ready and aimed at the bus doors. A tow-headed 4 year old launched herself onto the driveway from the bus steps and ran toward mom and brother. Her enthusiasm and excitement were so evident. Her backpack was nearly bigger than she, and she was practically bouncing up the driveway.

I burst into tears. Wasn't it just last week I was greeted by Tori off of the Kindergarden bus in a similar fashion? It can't have been 13 YEARS ago! Funny, but I felt the hand of God once again, reminding me to savor each moment, as the moments go by so quickly. My tow-headed 4 year old is now a raven-haired 18 year old beauty. She hugged me goodbye yesterday outside of Shorts Hall at JMU and I told her how very proud I am of her. I didn't cry then, and was very proud of that, as I didn't want to get her upset. I made up for it this afternoon!

Now for a nice, relaxing nap!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

changing my mind, changing my body

Went for my first chiropractic adjustment ever today. Dr. Rashidian went over my x-rays and thermal scans with me, and I have a lot of nerve interference in my neck and in my lower back. So much so that four of my vertebrae, two in each area of my spine (upper & lower) are in danger of fusing, which is NOT good thing.

So the adjustment immediately took the ache out of my neck. Amazing. I am now a believer. Over the long term, I'm hoping it helps my exhaustion, my appetite, and my overall wellness to improve. Big downside is that my insurance doesn't cover it. So I have to figure out how to afford it in my tighter budget. But I'm going to have to figure it out.

Wellness Challenge begins on September 11th, and I'm gearing up. Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

moving forward

I went to see Dr. Rashidian this afternoon and his comment when seeing my self assessment form - "wow - you've checked a lot of things off as health issues!" I was embarrassed, but also relieved that maybe I am going to get some answers. After a series of x-rays, thermal scans, and range of motion tests, I feel as if maybe I'm moving forward on the road to wellness at last. I go back in on the 19th to get the results. I'm nervous, but also hopeful.

After I left his office, I stopped into a cool new store (well, new to me - they've been there almost a year!) in downtown Frederick, Accessories of Old. Owner Andrew Mainz was there and he was very charming and funny. I bought some really cool paper flowers with antique buttons & crystals in their centers for cards & scrapbook pages, but didn't buy half of what caught my eye. So many cool pins, old-style hair barrettes & clips, and cloth appliques that resembled those that used to adorn my sundresses and jumpsuits back when mom made some of my clothes. It really is a cool shop - I strongly recommend that, if you're creative or crafty at all, you stop in the next time you're downtown. You can visit their website at He has a blog, too!

So I have an unplanned evening this evening, which is really, really nice! I do have a lot to get done, such as laundry, but I don't feel much like being productive....we'll see what wins - laziness or productivity.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Being Whacked in the Head by God

OK, so....

I am always wanting to do things and then not doing them because I'm too tired, too stressed, too something. But after a very rough two weeks in my personal and work life, I decided to actually do two things that I wanted to:

1) Go to Friday at Four, a networking opportunity at Danielle's restaurant sponsored by Frederick270 Magazine & other local businesses.

2) Go see "DonQ" at the MET Saturday night, to support some of my favorite local thespians (notably Karli Cole & Wilson Seltzer, though I found that many other kids I love were also in the show!)

At Friday's event, in addition to the typical networking, there was a 15 minute presentation by a local chiropractor, Dr. Amir Rashidian, on stress and how we can gain control over our negative reactions to it in order to improve our over-all wellbeing and lives. He made a lot of sense! He also offered a free wellness screening to anyone there. Afterward, I signed myself up to see him on Tuesday, 8/17 and get an honest, real picture of the damage I've done to my physical self over the years. It's going to be scary, but I have to know in order to move forward. I've never been to a chiropractor, but he seemed to honestly know what he's talking about and I had an immediate trust in him.

I left there feeling as if there was a very distinct reason that I actually made the time and effort to attend that particular networking event when I've blown off so many others. I felt the hand of God in the whole thing, and left feeling empowered, hopeful, and thankful.

Then, I knew that I wanted to go see Karli & Wilson in DonQ at the MET, but I was flagging in energy and motivation. For some reason, I forced myself to buy tickets and Tori and I went Saturday night, to the final performance. Well, again, I found myself believing that God had led me to that show. You may know the story of Don Quixote of LaMancha, and this was a local woman's adaptation of the story. It was a beautifully-done show. Wow. I totally bought into the message in the first Act, but it was during the second Act, when DonQ was talking to Mike about his leadership of LaMancha, the need to understand what our role in our world is, and our ability to make our lives what we want/need them to be that I actually broke down and sobbed. I heard the message loud & clear. I can blame stress, I can blame a challenging period at work, I can say I don't have the time or the money, but the more excuses I make the less well I will be.

So, I embark on a new journey. Kit is settled on his own at Edenton and Tori is about to head off to college. My divorce will be final very soon. I have the power to make my life what I want/need it to be, or to float along having little to no energy and live a mediocre life. I am choosing wellness, I am choosing energy, I am choosing LIFE.

Thank God for His wisdom and grace. Thank God for my amazing friends and colleagues. Stay tuned to see how this all works out!!!