Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Laura Ingraham makes my skin crawl!

OK, so this morning on The Today Show, Laura Ingraham was plugging her new FICTION book, The Obama Diaries, by telling viewers that the book is not a fictional account, but a telling new way of looking at the Obama Administration. Really? REALLY?

This woman is dangerous and should not be allowed to grace the airwaves. I'm not proposing censorship, because I don't believe in that. Rather I'm proposing that people not watch her and, thereby, render her blather ineffective. I'm proposing that we not give credence to lies and make-believe, vitriol and hatred that she espouses.

I am not thrilled with how things look today politically or socially. I, like many, am disappointed that this Administration has not done more to solve real problems rather than spout rhetoric and put band-aids on things.

  • This Administration INHERITED the deficit - the W Administration caused catastrophic spending and got us into two wars in which we're still ensconced.
  • This Administration is at least trying to rejuvenate social programs which will make a difference to more Americans
  • I agree that we need jobs, but not at the benefit of corporations - I fear that the business community will use this economy as a golden opportunity to further rape the people who so badly need jobs now, paying sub-standard wages and not providing benefits, all in the name of corporate financial hardship - yea, right.
That's all I have time for this morning....God help us if Laura Ingraham is the harbinger of truth she professes to be!

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