Sunday, May 2, 2010

the answer to when it would all hit me... a ton of bricks.

I have been wondering when the reality of my baby, my only child, beloved daughter, growing up and away would hit me, and I found out on Friday, her 18th birthday.

She was showing me a lovely gift that her friend, Cassie, had given her of a set of cosmetic bags...telling me how helpful it will be to have the set in college, at JMU. All of a sudden, I got this sick feeling in my stomach - she's going away.

It hit me. Wow.

Going away to college! It seems like just yesterday that I was making preparations for my own college career at Hood. Of course, it was a whopping 29 years I totally understand how excited she is, how she's anticipating life on campus, classes, shows, friends, late-nighters, college traditions, sports games, late-night Denny's (or wherever JMU kids go) runs.

I continue to be happy for her, and so excited for all she's about to experience. Yet still, I am starting to realize how very much I'll miss her.

It's the natural order of things, it's how it should be. It will be harder than I once believed.


K-Cole said...

I had late night Denny's last night. Didn't get home until 2.

College is a magical place, absent any concept of time.

Margie said...

well said, Kev, and so true! I had such a wonderful time at school, and am very excited for Tori to have her four years of fun/learning/identification of who she really is and what she wants to pursue. I am just realizing it will be harder than I thought to say goodbye to her!