Thursday, January 28, 2010

My brother, my friend, my stand-in father

Christopher Anthony Murphy, Jr...or Kit to his family. A man who has probably THE biggest heart one can have. And I am the sister who has been the beneficiary of his love for 46 + years. And also of his torturous sense of humor...but I digress...

Kit has always been the quiet one, the serious one, the SMART one. He should have gone on Jeopardy many years ago, and we've told him so countless times throughout the years. He's a fountain of trivial knowledge. He has worked with/on computers since they took up entire rooms at the Social Security Administration complex in Woodlawn.

Only 61, he is now hospitalized at Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore. Facing surgery tomorrow for rampant infections in his feet. I've been uttering silent and not so silent prayers all day that all goes well and he is healed. He has been such a good and deserving servant, and is such a special guy. He deserves a good outcome.

So, my MOBAC if you are reading this - get well and we'll get through this together. Matt, Claudia and I love you more than we can ever tell you. We are here for you.


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