Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dealing with rejection

Well, we're home from Pittsburgh and our visit to Point Park University/Conservatory for Tori's audition. Again, she felt as if she did very well; but, again, she did not make the program. This is probably the most difficult thing I've ever had to endure. Harder than my cancer diagnosis. Harder than my own college and grad school course work. Harder than the dissolution of my marriage. To see her so devastated, questioning her talent and her worth so mournfully - this is truly a parent's challenge.

I know she is destined to perform. I KNOW she is among the most talented. The question is, can she take the heat of all of the rejection she's yet to face in that field, no matter HOW talented she is? It's not about ability here. It's about what they're looking for. Whatever that is. Who knows? But all of the pep talks in the world, all of the talk about it not being her, it being them...all is falling flat because she is hurting so.

So she has 3 more auditions/campus visits scheduled. Three more opportunities. We're looking at other schools that she can apply to, but the clock is ticking. Truly stressful. But this, too, shall pass. I still believe that she'll land where she's supposed to land. She will be OK in the end, but we have to get through all of this to get to that place. Dammit, this is just so hard.....


Krista said...

Hi Margie- I don't know you, but I was also a performer from the Pittsburgh area. It sounds like your daughter is pretty special. What other schools is she auditioning at? I'd love to provide some guidance if I can at all! I'm now studying entertainment law in NYC after teaching voice/piano for the last eight years.

Margie said...


She's also auditioning at Shenandoah, JMU (not conservatory) and probably Ithaca. Auditioned at Hartt and Point Park and was accepted to both universities but rejected from the conservatories. This is just so difficult for her - she has been performing since age 11 and many have said that she is extremely talented. I'm her mom, so of course I can't be objective!! Just can't figure out why she's not making it into these programs. You can watch her on YouTube (search Tori Weaver) and see if you agree with me and our community or if we're not seeing the real possibilities. Sounds as if you know a lot about the business and talent. Thank you, Krista. How did you come to find my post?