Thursday, January 28, 2010

My brother, my friend, my stand-in father

Christopher Anthony Murphy, Jr...or Kit to his family. A man who has probably THE biggest heart one can have. And I am the sister who has been the beneficiary of his love for 46 + years. And also of his torturous sense of humor...but I digress...

Kit has always been the quiet one, the serious one, the SMART one. He should have gone on Jeopardy many years ago, and we've told him so countless times throughout the years. He's a fountain of trivial knowledge. He has worked with/on computers since they took up entire rooms at the Social Security Administration complex in Woodlawn.

Only 61, he is now hospitalized at Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore. Facing surgery tomorrow for rampant infections in his feet. I've been uttering silent and not so silent prayers all day that all goes well and he is healed. He has been such a good and deserving servant, and is such a special guy. He deserves a good outcome.

So, my MOBAC if you are reading this - get well and we'll get through this together. Matt, Claudia and I love you more than we can ever tell you. We are here for you.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Moving onward and upward

Resiliency is amazing. While still stung by recent rejections, Tori is thinking about greener pastures, looking at other schools with an open mind and an open heart. Prayers are being answered - God is good. Many, many thanks to all of my friends and followers who have taken a few minutes to ask Him and any other Higher Powers they believe in/talk to to help us through these auditions! I know she's going to land where she's supposed to be. I just know it!

Dealing with rejection

Well, we're home from Pittsburgh and our visit to Point Park University/Conservatory for Tori's audition. Again, she felt as if she did very well; but, again, she did not make the program. This is probably the most difficult thing I've ever had to endure. Harder than my cancer diagnosis. Harder than my own college and grad school course work. Harder than the dissolution of my marriage. To see her so devastated, questioning her talent and her worth so mournfully - this is truly a parent's challenge.

I know she is destined to perform. I KNOW she is among the most talented. The question is, can she take the heat of all of the rejection she's yet to face in that field, no matter HOW talented she is? It's not about ability here. It's about what they're looking for. Whatever that is. Who knows? But all of the pep talks in the world, all of the talk about it not being her, it being them...all is falling flat because she is hurting so.

So she has 3 more auditions/campus visits scheduled. Three more opportunities. We're looking at other schools that she can apply to, but the clock is ticking. Truly stressful. But this, too, shall pass. I still believe that she'll land where she's supposed to land. She will be OK in the end, but we have to get through all of this to get to that place. Dammit, this is just so hard.....