Wednesday, December 2, 2009

more thoughts about the state of world issues

Matthew Hoh has it right - Al Quaeda is not based in Afghanistan - they are based all over the world because they have a huge presence on the internet. No war, no matter how many men and women we send into harm's way, no matter how much money (that we don't have) we throw into combat, no matter how many politicians banter and debate - NO WAR - will end the terrorist threat to any free-thinking Country. The terrorists have won the battle if not the war - they have us scared to death of our own shadows, of what might be. That is very sad, in my opinion. We can't legislate and make policy based on what if's. We have to be prudent and intelligent. Right now we are neither. I voted for our President and I greatly admire him. However, I so greatly disagree with this latest decision that I felt I just had to post here. That's all for now....sleep tight (and dream of PEACE!).

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