Tuesday, November 24, 2009

controversial opinions herein: Proceed at your own risk!

Some thoughts on issues/items in the news today:

Crib Recall:

While I don't disagree that cribs that are unsafe should be removed from the market and that secondhand cribs should not be purchased from yard sales or e-bay, I find it fascinating that people who smoke around their children, put cereal in their babies' bottles to get them more full so they're sleep, give their kids unregulated herbal supplements to help them sleep through the night (so they, the parents, aren't so tired in the morning) etc.... may be more outraged at 5 (albeit needless & sad) infant deaths than by the potential harm they, themselves, may cause their children. And that they may sue the manufacturer for neglect while they, themselves, are potentially neglectful.

Additional troops to fight Al Qaeda in Afghanistan:

Is anyone listening to the troops themselves, who know that Al Qaeda is not in one particular part of the world or one particular country, but all over the world? In this day and age of internet and technology, they are able to spread hatred world-wide in record time. Thinking that pouring additional dollars into fighting in Afghanistan is going to "win the war on Al Qaeda" is ludicrous. It's like saying that bombing one Ku Klux Klan gathering place is going to win the war on racism. Hatred, terrorism, and political and religious intolerance know no borders, so a "war" against them, on the ground with troops, is not able to be won. Do I want the troops to have further support so they are better protected? On one hand, you bet! But in the wider scope of things, I don't want more troops in harm's way.

Oprah ending her talk show:

Had to end with something less serious. I say, do whatever makes you happy, Oprah. You're rich enough, who cares if the leap to your own cable network leaves you less effective, a lesser impact on pop culture?

That's it for now!


K-Cole said...

She(Oprah)'s apparently going on to produce some sexy show for HBO about a mom who abandons her family to explore her inner most passionate desires.

Margie said...

say what? Where did you hear that??? Hmmmm...