Monday, November 3, 2008

split personality

November 1, miss Tori before she's gone....November 2, wish Tori was on her own, her crappy attitude with her...November 3, ???

Which relationship will prevail today? The mom wants daughter by her side forever or mom would like to shove daughter out of the nest head-first? Hmmmmm....I wonder.....

We went to the Fine & Performing Arts College Fair in D.C. yesterday, which precipitated much of the above angst. She was surly and ungrateful that I spent one of only two days I get off each week there for HER while she barely spoke to any college reps or took info from any schools. She got mad at me for naming schools as we passed the booths - it was crowded and it was hard to see what schools were where, so as I could see the sign, I turned back and told her what was ahead. That really annoyed her. So I gave her the boot - I went and sat and waited for her to finish her foray through the aisles. Which took all of 3 minutes because she wouldn't talk to anyone without me with her. She is driving me nuts!!!!!

Anyway, she did pick up info from two promising schools - one in Hartford, CT and one on Staten Island. She is bound & determined to be in/near NYC which, as long as they offer a good financial aid package, will work for me. She wouldn't even pick info up from UMBC, which has a great program - discounted it right off the bat. I understand, because I wouldn't originally have even considered it, but they have a wonderful program and offer a lot of aid. She simply seems to have no real grasp on what a difference it can make to graduate from college without a mountain of debt. Well, if she owes $80,000 upon graduation, it will be her debt, not ours, I guess.

Soooo.....I really need to get my butt in gear and get in to work. Later!

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