Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thanks MOBAC/Uncle Kit

Tori and I have now entered the 21st Century thanks to my big brother, Kit - he sent us both GPS systems for our use! Especially useful for a new driver. I got one panicked call on my cell phone while I was in VA Beach because she'd gone too far down Jefferson Pike and was almost to Lander Road instead of at dance. She finally has the routes to routine places down pat, but if there's traffic or a detour - uh oh. So this will really be a life-saver. Not to mention we can use it when we go on road trips to visit colleges in unfamiliar territory, and to find our way around NYC on our next visit. And around Myrtle Beach in February. See - the possibilities are endless!

It's almost Wednesday, which is almost Friday, so I'm in much better spirits. Now if we could just get Bo's bladder infection under control so he quits peeing everywhere....I just scrubbed the kitchen floor and the dining room is next. I can't see any pee, but I sure can smell it....now to determine if it's all due to illness or he's just being spiteful because of Lucy being here. They play well and seem to get along, but who knows what on earth goes on in their little brains...

If you have any suggestions for products or remedies that work to get rid of pee smell, please let me know. I've tried many things, including expensive stuff from 2-Paws Up, but no real relief.

Now I just need to get caught up on the mundane, such as laundry. And I don't want to totally bore anyone reading this with anything THAT mundane, so I'll end here.

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