Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just another Manic Thursday

Well, I know that's not the way the song goes, but it was especially true of my day!

The Frederick Elder Expo was today, and it is always a hectic day for me. True to form, I'd forgotten to get a gift card to donate as a bingo prize, so I had to stop at the Giant and buy one. This put me behind in getting to the Expo, but I was by no means late. I got all set up, and also true to form, the little old people came streaming through at a rapid clip, grabbing up all of my give-aways in record time.

The highlight of my day was getting to meet Sen. Barbara Mikulski and get my picture taken with her. I had met her last year, but didn't have my camera. Today, I had it with me because I had to go to the FtP studio to take pictures of the show posters from the past 40 years. Good thing, because I was prepared when she arrived. She was very, very gracious. I was excited!

So after the Expo I did, indeed, go take pictures of the posters so I can send them to Comcast. I was interviewed earlier in the week for Comcast 10's Artscape (Susan Thornton's show about arts and culture in Frederick County) which will air starting next Tuesday October 7th. Hey - that would've been mom's 82nd birthday. How poetic! Anyway, they wanted .jpg's of posters from throughout the last 40 years to highlight during the segment, so I had to get them taken and over to them.

That done, I came home and straightened up a bit, swept the driveway and deck, which was FULL of black walnuts, leaves, and twigs, and collapsed on the sofa. Tomorrow will be an insanely busy day as well, as will Saturday.

Tori is nursing a sprained back. She fell in the dining room on Sunday and has been in a lot of pain. I feel really badly for her, but she HAS to get back to school!!!!

I am getting nervous about tonight's VP debate. Biden just can NOT screw this up!

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