Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I hate feeling sick. Especially the day after a 3-day weekend, when it might look suspect that I'm calling off of work. Oh well. I can tell you that I don't LIKE these stomach ailments - they suck - well, actually, the opposite but that's getting a bit too graphic for a public blog!

So, I'll be home today. I have conferences with Tori's teachers and the Drama Booster meeting this afternoon/evening, so I am praying that I feel much better by 3:30 today.

Lucy is going to start training on Friday to get some basics under her collar, then attend training to become a Therapy Dog! I am really excited about working with her on this, and being trained myself. Actually, my training is probably more of a challenge than hers - I have to learn to be consistent and not let her get away with things like kissing me all over and jumping into my arms when I get home. Truth is, I enjoy her exuberance, and it's going to be hard for me to keep her from showing me how much she loves me that way. But for the greater good of her ability to be a good companion to me and our residents at Citizens, I have to do it. Her sweet personality will still be evident, I'm sure. And boy is she a sweetie!

So life is ever more busy despite Tori driving. Why didn't I see that coming? Between Lucy's training, FtP Board stuff, LHS Drama stuff, and work, I still don't have enough hours to clean my house and scrapbook/card create as I need.

Well, gotta run....ugh.

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