Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thanks MOBAC/Uncle Kit

Tori and I have now entered the 21st Century thanks to my big brother, Kit - he sent us both GPS systems for our use! Especially useful for a new driver. I got one panicked call on my cell phone while I was in VA Beach because she'd gone too far down Jefferson Pike and was almost to Lander Road instead of at dance. She finally has the routes to routine places down pat, but if there's traffic or a detour - uh oh. So this will really be a life-saver. Not to mention we can use it when we go on road trips to visit colleges in unfamiliar territory, and to find our way around NYC on our next visit. And around Myrtle Beach in February. See - the possibilities are endless!

It's almost Wednesday, which is almost Friday, so I'm in much better spirits. Now if we could just get Bo's bladder infection under control so he quits peeing everywhere....I just scrubbed the kitchen floor and the dining room is next. I can't see any pee, but I sure can smell it....now to determine if it's all due to illness or he's just being spiteful because of Lucy being here. They play well and seem to get along, but who knows what on earth goes on in their little brains...

If you have any suggestions for products or remedies that work to get rid of pee smell, please let me know. I've tried many things, including expensive stuff from 2-Paws Up, but no real relief.

Now I just need to get caught up on the mundane, such as laundry. And I don't want to totally bore anyone reading this with anything THAT mundane, so I'll end here.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I've got the blues

And not from eating Kraft Mac & Cheese, either. It's Monday. A full work week looms ahead. Yuk. We are due for our annual survey by the State, and they may show up today. Double YUK. And I have a lot on my plate, including primary responsibility for admissions. Biggest YUK of all.

I'm trying to have a positive attitude about work. At least I have a job I generally love in these crummy economic times. At least I get to take Lucy in with me, and she cheers everyone up. At least I have a lot of flexibility and have a lot of fun things I get to do. At least I am not at DHMH anymore (now THAT was a nightmare of a place to work).

And it's Fall, my favorite season. The frost is on the pumpkins, and the air is crisp and finally cold enough for me. OK, so things are looking up....and I am fortunate enough to get four (count 'em, four) paid holidays in November because of Election Day and the day after Thanksgiving. And I have a wonderful loving family and a beautiful (if very small) roof over my head and food in the pantry.

OK, so life is pretty damn good. See, I knew I could turn things around!!! Blue no more (well, a lighter shade of blue anyway).

If only I could help Tori see the bright side - she dyed her hair last night to make it darker and it's....well....it's darker alright - pretty much black. And she hates it. And she's near tears. Oh dear. I think that this one may have to be remedied in the salon. She's been really lucky so far that of all the colors she's tried, she hasn't hated any of them. But this time...well, it's a huge change, from coppery blonde to black. But this, too, shall pass. And as I think I've written before, it's only hair. It can be changed.

Unlike the day of the week...it's Monday for the whole day!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lucy is FAMOUS!

Check out www.cutewithchris.com and scroll down to posts for October 14 - you'll see Lucy in her ladybug costume! She was on that website when we first brought her home - Tori sent one in of her "laughing." And now this time. She is just the cutest thing in the world. Be sure to click on comments to read what people had to say - it's pretty funny!


I sure got my laugh for the week when I tried Lucy's Halloween costume on her - I can just see from her face what she must've been thinking - "I can't BELIEVE she's humiliating me this way -sheesh. Can I please take it off now???!?!?!" But darn, is she cute!

I have been trying to slow the speed of life down and enjoy things more. Yeah, as if in the middle of a historical and contentious Presidential election season I can avoid frustration... I will be so glad when it's November 5th (well, as long as the correct candidate wins).

We're taking Tori up to Towson U tomorrow for an Open House, and I'm really looking forward to that. While we both loved Marymount Manhattan, I'm hoping that she can love TU for at least two years before transferring there to save us some $$$ and let her ease into college life in a less urban environment. We'll be hitting a Fine & Performing Arts College Fair in D.C. in November to try to choose a few more schools to visit/apply to.

I went for my orientation to dog training last night, and I have a lot of work to do. Lucy's first class is Friday evening. I think she'll do just fine, it's me that will need to learn to behave!

So Leann won Project Runway - woot! I loved her collection. I would love to bid on her gown online, but that's just a pipe dream. Besides, who is 5'11" and a size 0-2?? No one in this house!

Off to another zany day at work....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I hate feeling sick. Especially the day after a 3-day weekend, when it might look suspect that I'm calling off of work. Oh well. I can tell you that I don't LIKE these stomach ailments - they suck - well, actually, the opposite but that's getting a bit too graphic for a public blog!

So, I'll be home today. I have conferences with Tori's teachers and the Drama Booster meeting this afternoon/evening, so I am praying that I feel much better by 3:30 today.

Lucy is going to start training on Friday to get some basics under her collar, then attend training to become a Therapy Dog! I am really excited about working with her on this, and being trained myself. Actually, my training is probably more of a challenge than hers - I have to learn to be consistent and not let her get away with things like kissing me all over and jumping into my arms when I get home. Truth is, I enjoy her exuberance, and it's going to be hard for me to keep her from showing me how much she loves me that way. But for the greater good of her ability to be a good companion to me and our residents at Citizens, I have to do it. Her sweet personality will still be evident, I'm sure. And boy is she a sweetie!

So life is ever more busy despite Tori driving. Why didn't I see that coming? Between Lucy's training, FtP Board stuff, LHS Drama stuff, and work, I still don't have enough hours to clean my house and scrapbook/card create as I need.

Well, gotta run....ugh.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

trying again

So, I posted a wonderful, huge blog the other week and *poof* - it vanished into thin air. I hate it when that happens!

And I have no idea what it referenced at this point.

This one will be short & sweet as I have to head out of here for a work-related event at a church in Middletown. Can I just say that I love my liberal friends?? We had some folks over last night to eat munchies & drink wine (or whatever) and sit around the fire pit and just discuss the state of the union (which we all agree sucks more since the nomination of Sara Palin as GOP VP candidate). We had a wonderful time!
It has been such a beautiful weekend. LHS Homecoming dance was last night, so I've included a couple of those pics here:
I hope to post more substantial thoughts later.....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just another Manic Thursday

Well, I know that's not the way the song goes, but it was especially true of my day!

The Frederick Elder Expo was today, and it is always a hectic day for me. True to form, I'd forgotten to get a gift card to donate as a bingo prize, so I had to stop at the Giant and buy one. This put me behind in getting to the Expo, but I was by no means late. I got all set up, and also true to form, the little old people came streaming through at a rapid clip, grabbing up all of my give-aways in record time.

The highlight of my day was getting to meet Sen. Barbara Mikulski and get my picture taken with her. I had met her last year, but didn't have my camera. Today, I had it with me because I had to go to the FtP studio to take pictures of the show posters from the past 40 years. Good thing, because I was prepared when she arrived. She was very, very gracious. I was excited!

So after the Expo I did, indeed, go take pictures of the posters so I can send them to Comcast. I was interviewed earlier in the week for Comcast 10's Artscape (Susan Thornton's show about arts and culture in Frederick County) which will air starting next Tuesday October 7th. Hey - that would've been mom's 82nd birthday. How poetic! Anyway, they wanted .jpg's of posters from throughout the last 40 years to highlight during the segment, so I had to get them taken and over to them.

That done, I came home and straightened up a bit, swept the driveway and deck, which was FULL of black walnuts, leaves, and twigs, and collapsed on the sofa. Tomorrow will be an insanely busy day as well, as will Saturday.

Tori is nursing a sprained back. She fell in the dining room on Sunday and has been in a lot of pain. I feel really badly for her, but she HAS to get back to school!!!!

I am getting nervous about tonight's VP debate. Biden just can NOT screw this up!