Friday, September 12, 2008

Wow - it's been a while!

Thanks to Lori for letting me know that I haven't updated in two weeks....been crazy around here! Nothing exciting, just the mundane every-day stuff that keeps me hopping.

Work has gotten really busy and is about to get busier: my colleague who directs the Admissions "department" (it's really only the two of us plus one other who helps out) is having her first baby and her last day will be Oct. 3 - she's resigned so she can stay home with him. Sooo....back to where I was two years ago when Lorna resigned. That time, it took a year to replace her. Pray for me that it isn't a year this time - I may not survive. I so much more enjoy the marketing and creative aspects of my job than the paperwork-laden admissions piece. And my title is Director of Marketing, so....yea, I don't like it when the admissions slot is open!

Top it all off with the fact that she's in a day-long training today and then on vacation next week, so for the next 6 weekdays I'm flying relatively solo. Marilyn will help me when she can, but she has other job responsibilities as well. Again - Pray for me!!!

Lucy went to work with me yesterday and my colleauge Paul, who adopted her sister Savannah, brought her in to visit. The two of them had a blast together! It was so darn cute. I took pics with my work camera, so as soon as I remember to e-mail those home to myself I'll post a couple.

Only thing keeping me really sane right now is the knowledge that a week in VA Beach is just a week away! Ahhhhh! Ruthie and I are going to spend one whole week as two adults without any kids at the BEACH! I can NOT wait!

Tori is assistant directing the Fall show at LHS - The Miracle Worker. Now that auditions were held yesterday, her schedule will get really busy as well. She sat in on auditions and she and Laz (the drama director) have an idea, I think, about things, but she will say nothing to me about any of it until the cast is announced. I'm really proud of her, and excited for the learning she'll be doing while experiencing this part of theatre work.

That's really about it. I do have more time in the evenings, but my volunteer work with FtP and actually spending some time cleaning the house eats away at my days. Tori continues to drive and I am more and more comfortable with it. Life goes on....

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