Tuesday, September 16, 2008


is better than Monday, but still not late enough in the week! Especially this week, which stands between me and the sand 'tween my toes.

Back to School night was enlightening. I got to spend lots of $$$ on a yearbook, PTSA membership, and the PSAT fee. Plus Tori picked up class ring info - now there will be a chunk 0' change! She could have gotten a ring last year, but we felt like that should be a Junior year thing. It's weird - when I was in high school, it was a huge deal Junior year with a ring formal and everything. Now, they just get 'em whenever. And I'm not even sure that most people get class rings, do they? AND - Tori and I are having this battle: I say the stone should be in one of the school's colors, she says it's supposed to either be your birthstone or just a color you like. WHAT? This is tough for me to get my head around, but I want her to wear it if we're going to spend the money. Anyone else reading this have an opinion on it?

So I got to meet her teachers, and all but Laz are in their 50's or 60's I think. First year this has happened. I swear that her precalc teacher was about 12..... I can say that there is no way I could do her coursework. I'd be falling asleep in 4th period English (sorry, teach). Beowulf? UGH.

Well, I have to get my day moving along. Lucy just ate and needs a good long walk before I crate her for the day. I really don't want to go in to work today!!!!


Lori Cole said...

I was a little disappointed when Kevin said he didn't want a ring. He couldn't have cared less about it. Saved us a bunch of money, though, and now it doesn't seem to matter that much anyway. Tori's right about the colors, though. I think Rich's high school ring has a blue stone when our school colors were green and gold. It's really up to them and you do want them to wear it. As long as there is something on it that symbolizes their high school years. Those are my thoughts anyway. (I choose the special one that was made specifically for Damascus High - my dad's was very similar. I'm really glad I went with that one. It's unique and I still like to wear it.)

Lori Cole said...

"Chose" ...I meant to write "I chose" not "choose". I don't want Damascus High School to look bad!

Margie said...

OK,OK, so Tori's right...this time only (LOL!).

She just designed hers online and I have to say, I really like it. It has the drama/comedy masks on one side and music notes on the other, with her name above the masks and her year above the notes. And Linganore High School around the blue stone. She's thinking of getting the whole thing in the metal color, no black etched look, which looks really classy. She wants the Silver Platinum mix which is cheaper than gold, but the whole thing will still run us something close to $350.00....yikes! I wear my mom's sometimes, but never my own!