Monday, September 22, 2008

Not a good beach day, but who cares?!?

It was very windy and cloudy all day, and the wind continues to whip around out there. But hey - is there ever a bad day at the beach?

We walked around a lot today once we got moving. I didn't sleep well last night and was awake from about 2:45 - 5:30 this morning, so it wasn't until close to 11 that we actually got out and about. We found Beach Scrapbooks, an amazing non-chain scrapbook store here in VA Beach. And yes, I spent some $$. Many, many thanks to my big bro, Kit, otherwise known as M.O.B.A.C. (explanation to follow in a future blog sometime....maybe), who called down and left me a very generous b-day gift card there. I bought some really cool papers, a VA Beach 6X6 scrapbook, a Quikutz disc for the Silhouette, and some other amazing stuff that I've never seen anywhere else. I hope to spend some time tonight cropping at the small kitchen table in the condo. Poor Ruthie may never see or be able to use that table again during the duration of our vacation...

Anyway, then we found a Pier One and some other shops, ate lunch, and came on back, hoping to hit the beach for an hour or three, but it was just too windy and cool. I really didn't want sand in both eyes, both ears, my hair, and my mouth, thank you. And the water looked REALLY rough. It was bad enough yesterday when the waves were monstrous. But the water is pretty warm, I'd say about 82 or 83 degrees.

So now we're just relaxing at "home" - I'm piddling around on the computer and reading and Ruthie is getting into the book I brought, "Lost & Found," which is a really good read. I'm about to catch the Season premiers on CBS, shows I missed all of last year because Tori had voice & dance on Monday nights. So, sadly, I'm excited about this! Now if there just weren't annoying political ads every other minute....November 6th can't come quickly enough!

More later...tomorrow will be the day to parasail as the weather is expected to only get gloomier as the week progresses.....Wish me luck.

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