Monday, September 29, 2008

Home again, home again...

..jiggity jig. Well, I'm not exactly doing a jig to be going back to work today, but it sure is nice to be home!

The weekend, once I got home, was nice. Bruce & Tori had baked me a b'day cake and planned to have a family dinner on Saturday, so we grilled out despite the rain (it seems to have followed me home) and had a nice meal together.

Sunday, I started laundry, did some sweeping up, and just tried to enjoy my day. I had some errands to run and I went and spent the gift card to Coldwater Creek that Bruce gave me for my birthday - thanks, Bruce! I got three really nice tops - one to wear as a set and one amazing t-type top that has amazing colors in it. I met with a colleague from FtP to plan a tv taping I have at Comcast tomorrow, for Artscape with Susan Thornton. And I watched the Redskins BEAT THE COWBOYS!!!! WOOO HOOO! (Take that, Travis!)

Then it was time with Tori & Lucy. We built a fire in the new fire pit and Maggie (our other daughter in heart and soul) came over to make s'mores and hang out. The Amazing Race premiere was on, so of course I was glued to that and the season premiere of Desperate Housewives.

Anyway, woke up about 40 minutes later than ideal, so I have got to get running. More later...

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