Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Deleted updates

So, I typed an entire post yesterday, then somehow hit the "back" button in my browser and lost the whole thing. Dang. It was profound, too "-)

Ruthie and I went back to Beach Scrapbooks today to get pens to write on the back of a pic I took of us with the Neptune scuplture at 31st St. We want to send the prints as postcards. Of course, while there, I did more than buy pens....

BUT -- I got to meet Melissa and Jen!!! Susan is a real sweetie, too, and we had met her on Monday when we went in. But today the co-owner, Jen, and zany Melissa were also in the store. I felt as though I'd known them forever - reminded me a lot of Gina and how we clicked right away. I may go crop on Friday with them and the store regulars. The weather is supposed to go downhill from here, so I may get a lot done if I crop with all of them.

So, I was bound & determined to get in the ocean on my birthday. And, I did! Ruthie gamely ventured down to the beach with me, beach chair and blanket in hand, and we tried, really we did, to sit down there for awhile. Within just a few short minutes, everything in our bags was covered in sand. Buried. I got into the ocean up to my hips, but the waves and the outward pull of the tide were so strong that there was a foot-deep hole where I stood in less than a minute. I took some pics for posterity, we got sandblasted by blowing sand, and we retreated back up to the room to read in here. It wasn't worth getting whipped with blowing sand! We are still picking sand granules out of our hair, eyes, ears, and mouth - yuk!

So, it's been a restful and quiet day (except for the 10 minutes of chaos that was the beach on a day when the winds were gusting up to 37 mph!). We still have two full days of relaxation left, and are going to enjoy them thoroughly.


Beach Scrapbooks said...

Thanks for putting us on your blog! It was nice to meet you and Ruthie :) Next time you're in town, I will special order some sunshine for you! I hope you had a nice, relaxing vacation and that you come back to visit us. And, thanks for mentioning how much nicer I was than Melissa. Ok, well, you didn't really WRITE it...but I know you were THINKING it!! ;-) Happy, happy birthday!

Margie said...

I was so glad to meet you guys, too! We didn't get back in on Friday because it was actually a decent beach day! I swam a little bit and we walked the Neptune Festival arts fair and went to see the sand sculptures (amazing!) I didn't want to miss an opportunity to take pics of those. I hope to come to a weekend crop some time, or get back down to bring my friend Gina and just SHOP with you guys! You're quite welcome for the mention - you were the highlight of my vacation! And LOL about you two - I'm telling ya', if only I lived closer...well, maybe VA Beach should be relieved that I don't - it may not be able to handle the fun that would ensue!