Sunday, August 31, 2008


Tori and I are heading to Pasadena today to my cousin Jimmy's place for a reunion on the Murphy side of my family - my dad's siblings' kids and their kids (and their kids)...Cousins I normally only see at funerals. My sweet cousin Val, my other cousin Jimmy's wife, passed away suddenly in June and she had always tried to get us all together for a non-sad occasion. Somehow, we just were never able to find the time or the place. So, in her honor and memory, we're doing it. And I am soooo excited!

I have a lot of good memories of spending holidays with these cousins when I was little. We'd all meet at Grandma's on Bentlalou Rd in downtown Baltimore - a skinny rowhouse that we all crammed into. Or we'd have summer crab feasts down at her place on Solomon's Island. I can recall so clearly helping her pick tomatoes and cucumbers from her garden, and having to talk REALLY LOUDLY because she was hard of hearing. Only four of the seven children on that side had children themselves, and I have 14 or 15 cousins. So it's quite a crew. Magdeline had 3 boys, Paul six kids (three girls & three boys), Walter five or six (somehow, I can't exactly remember, which is sad) and Mom & Dad five (four surviving). I think that maybe 12 of us will be there today, many of our kids will be there, too, and some of my cousins' kids are now moms and dads themselves.

I'll surely have my camera at hand for the entire afternoon, and am so happy that I'll be able to do some scrapbook pages featuring this extended family. We never all get together on mom's side anymore, either. There are only two surviving siblings on that side, and they don't speak to each other. Though every one of mom's six siblings had kids, so it's a larger group. Plus mom has an uncle younger than she is, so most of her mother's nieces & nephews are part of family functions that do occur on that side. It's a Major MOB when we all do get together.

Anyway, here's to beautiful August days (the last one of 2008) and fun with family....

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