Sunday, August 10, 2008

Breaking Dawn - the jury is out

OK, so I finished and (SPOILER ALERT....)

Edward is NOT dead!!

So a lot of the book really, really annoyed me. The characters are somewhat cloying, self-absorbed, and waaayayyy too.....too......self-sacrificing, which I know contradicts self-absorbed, but it's true - they're both at once, which is one of the issues I have with it. Bella needs to get a life (no pun intended) and I am sort of sorry she doesn't get her comuppance (or however you spell that). She is just so sickenely good and really quite boring, even with her special powers (oops, let that spoiler slip out...)

Anyway, I am glad that's over with. I had to read the whole thing and see for myself. Truly, I wish I'd stopped with Twilight. THAT was a good book.

Parts of BD were interesting - the part written from Jacob's point of view was better. And I guess I wanted to know the outcome or I would've stopped half-way through. But it just isn't a very well written book. Lots of repetition, character names are stupid (Renesmee - WHAT?), and the concepts are so far-fetched it's almost beyond beyond.

Plus, I read on the author's webpage that, when she "ruled" over some recent book "concerts" - yes, seriously, that's what they called them! - she set up some pretty irksome rules, like:

  1. If you didn't have one of the books, you couldn't be in line for autographs - no signed t-shirts, body parts (uck), papers, posters - nothing but books, and you could only have her sign ONE book.
  2. You could not take pictures of her signing (now that's a scrapbooker's nightmare!)
  3. there were other things that annoyed me that I can't remember, but they were pretty draconian (now there's irony for ya').

Anyway, if you're a fan, you probably loved it. If not, and you want to see what all the fuss is about, read Twilight and STOP THERE! It's a good book. The others are just too much Bella. She is a pain in the butt, really.

So, that's my assessment. Now, off to work....

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