Thursday, July 24, 2008's been a week

I haven't been posting much because here's what it would say - every day:

I am exhausted. I hate Tech Week. How in the Hell did I allow myself to be roped into this? blah, blah, blah....

So, rather than bore all of you with that mantra, I just haven't been on. But the show opens tomorrow night, I haven't killed any of the divas, and I am proud that I've been able to contribute to this show. It's all good.

Work continues to be very busy and more than a little stressful. The person who (finally) came on board last November as the Director of Admissions & Social Work submitted her resignation yesterday. She's having her first baby in November and hasn't had a particularly easy pregnancy, so she'll be leaving October 3rd. That racheted up my stress level, but I am happy for her and her husband. If any of you reading this know any licensed clinical social workers who might love to work for Citizens (and with me pretty closely), please tell them to get in touch with me!!!

Otherwise, come see Mattress. It's been a wild ride, with a lot of challenges throughout pre-production, but it's turning out to be quite a cute and impressive show. Visit to find out more and learn how to reserve tickets. Show opens this weekend and continues next weekend.


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