Thursday, July 24, 2008

saying goodbye

My very favorite resident, whom I have loved since meeting her almost 3 years ago, passed on this afternoon. Luckily, I had been in to see her this morning since I knew her time was short, and I got to tell her one last "I Love You." This is the hardest part of working in a nursing home.

Miss Doris reminded me so very much of mom & Granny. Stubborn, funny, engaging, loving, and just full of herself. Her one daughter used to bring her dogs, Maggie & Milo, in with her during visits, and her other daughter and granddaughter (and great-grandson, Bryce) were here most days. I have become really close to all of them, and this is so damn hard. The tears won't stop and yet I have to finish up my work day.

Miss Doris, I do love you so and know that you're now pain-free and in a much happier place. Memories of the time we got to spend together will be among my most cherished. Say hi to my mom for me, will ya'? *mwah*

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