Thursday, July 31, 2008

It is not good to drop a laptop

UPDATE: Well, the hard drive went, and it has a parasite. They said that dropping it didn't help, but didn't cause the damage, either. I'll have my laptop back by Monday at the latest...I guess I'll survive. Until then....


My laptop dropped off of the sofa last Sunday, and is now in the shop. On Monday, when I dropped it off, they told me they'd be back to me on is now Thursday and I haven't heard from them. This frightens me immensely, and can not be good!!!

So, I'm not online as much or able to do many updates. Not much is new, however, so it's not really a big loss to the blogosphere to have fewer posts from moi for now!

Show this weekend - come see it! Friday and Saturday at 8, Sunday at 2 - FCC's theatre. It's cute, I promise!

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