Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another vacation, please?!?!?

Well, two days back in the office and I'm ready for another vacation. It doesn't help that Tori has rehearsal every single weeknight (only Fridays and weekends off) for Mattress. That means I get a whopping total of 2-3 waking hours at home every day. The rest of my time is at work or driving or at the studio. It stinks.

Tori is dating a new guy, Travis, and we've known him for quite a few years, so it's nice that I don't have to wonder what the guy is like. I am not sure how to handle this dating stuff. The drama. The heartbreak. The stress. He's very kind and treats her well, so I guess I will try not to worry too much.

So tonight it's getting Tori to rehearsal, then grocery shopping, then getting home to get Lucy out of the crate. I had just enough time home after work to make a pot of chili & gulp dinner down.

On to the next thing.....

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