Thursday, June 5, 2008

Welcome to My World - My first post!

First, thanks to the multi-talented Kevin Cole for giving me the inspiration to finally start a blog. His blog is ever changing and fun to check in on, so I thought...what the heck. Sign me up!

My world is probably very similar to most...busy with work and activities, never enough time to just chill out, worries out the gazoo. But it's also full of opportunities for growth, learning, and change for the better. I hope to be able to express some of my opinions here, so watch out, world. If you don't know me well yet, you will get to know that I have some very strong opinions on things!

I'm not really sure who on earth will want to check in to read this on any sort of regular basis, but whatever....I'm hoping that doing this will help me keep track of my thoughts and musings, so even if people don't read, it will be therapeutic for me.

So, welcome!


Elliott said...

Far out! ...and a really nice set o' wheels, Margie! I will make a point of looking in at times.

Ann's and my own blog might be a bit flaky as to its being up, because I'm in the process of transporting the servers to Georgia, but if you don't see 'em for a few days or weeks, don't give up on 'em:

Welcome to cyberspace. No passport required. Don't let the bits byte you on the ass! :-)


Gina said...

Hi Margie,
You know I am the anti-techno but I'll be checking in from time to time ... should be fun! Scott says he's sooooo jealous of your black bug :-)
Hope to see you soon,

Antje said...

Well, Margie, I'm glad you've started a blog - that gives me a chance to commune with you every once in a while and learn what's going on in your life and in that of your family.
Arizona is getting into summer mode - the traffic is much lighter and it's pretty hot, too. Morrie and I enjoy our garden very much, as do Beau and Schatzie.


Kevin Cole said...

Well, you're quite welcome.