Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sun & Fun

I am rested and relaxed, and hopeful that these feelings will carry over into my life in general once I get back home.  

The beach is just so lovely this week.  Blue skies + hot temps + cold water = my kinda place.  We have had a few exciting moments with 10 teenagers in the house, but overall it is always nice to see them laughing and getting along so well.  We all went out to dinner at Jake's last night and it was great to drink Mojitos and have my best friend here on her birthday.  We figured out that the last time we spent more than a few hours together was 5 years ago when we celebrated our 40th b-days together.  It was more than overdue.

I've gotten a bit of a sunburn, but nothing too terrible.  Most days, I'm spending between five and eight hours on the beach, so even the best sunscreen, staying under the umbrella, and wearing my wide-brimmed hat can't prevent all sun exposure.  Plus, I have to admit, I sort of like having tan arms! Well, tan for me....nothing compared to Sharon and Avery, who tan when they just look at the sun for 5 minutes...

We'll be home soon, and I'll post pics then.  I've taken some amazing pictures this year. I think I'll even enter a few in the Great Frederick Fair this year!

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