Sunday, June 29, 2008

Re-entry into the post-vacation world

My house is dirty - needs a good cleaning. I don't feel like doing anything but sleeping and messing around on the computer. That's a problem.

Old episodes of Scrubs are on, and I am realizing what a good show I've been missing all these t.v. seasons. Good Sunday afternoon lazy activity, watching Scrubs re-runs!

I have to head back to Citizens tomorrow, and I made the mistake of calling to check my voicemail mssages a few minutes ago. BIG mistake. Some of my colleagues really have to get a clue. Others have a clue and are wonderful to work with, but the one leaving me messages.....yea - no clue. So now I'm stressing about getting back in there. Not good. I have to let it go. At least this is a short week with Independence Day on Friday.

So, this blog features a few more pics from the beach. I need to find the disc I made and get some prints made so I can start a scrapbook. Maybe that's what the long Independence Day weekend will be -- a perfect opportunity to get some cropping done.

We're meeting Claudia & Jer in Eldersburg a bit later for dinner. I haven't seen them in several weeks, and it will be nice to catch up. I also need to do the mundane - make a grocery list, stock up on basics, etc.... From vacation to day-to-day so quickly. Man.

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