Sunday, June 29, 2008

Re-entry into the post-vacation world

My house is dirty - needs a good cleaning. I don't feel like doing anything but sleeping and messing around on the computer. That's a problem.

Old episodes of Scrubs are on, and I am realizing what a good show I've been missing all these t.v. seasons. Good Sunday afternoon lazy activity, watching Scrubs re-runs!

I have to head back to Citizens tomorrow, and I made the mistake of calling to check my voicemail mssages a few minutes ago. BIG mistake. Some of my colleagues really have to get a clue. Others have a clue and are wonderful to work with, but the one leaving me messages.....yea - no clue. So now I'm stressing about getting back in there. Not good. I have to let it go. At least this is a short week with Independence Day on Friday.

So, this blog features a few more pics from the beach. I need to find the disc I made and get some prints made so I can start a scrapbook. Maybe that's what the long Independence Day weekend will be -- a perfect opportunity to get some cropping done.

We're meeting Claudia & Jer in Eldersburg a bit later for dinner. I haven't seen them in several weeks, and it will be nice to catch up. I also need to do the mundane - make a grocery list, stock up on basics, etc.... From vacation to day-to-day so quickly. Man.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Since when does it take 8 hours to get from Rehoboth to Unionville?!?!?

Since Tori's car is old and overheated and needed to be towed to Roche in Libertytown. Yes, it was a fun-filled ride home. No drama until we stopped for gas in Clarksville. Pulling away from the pump, I noticed that the temperature gauge was awfully far toward the red section. Crap. Call Bruce, ask what to do. Then the girls see a Jiffy Lube and we pull in. They take a look, replace some coolant, say it's either the thermostadt or the water pump. I should not drive home the remaining 33 miles unless I stop every so often to dump water on the engine. OhhhhhKaaayyyy....

We go get 3 gallons of water from a convenience store/gas station. They have a car repair shop there, but it closes at 1 on Saturday and it's now 2. Crap again. I call Bruce back, and he's hesitant for me to try the drive and drench method of keeping the car cool enough. Meanwhile, a guy who is a mechanic comes over to take a look, declares it's the thermostadt (thank goodness, much cheaper than a water pump...) A $2 part, it's "right there" (he points to the location near the engine). I call Bruce back and ask if he wants to buy the thermostadt and drive out to Clarksville to see if he can install it. He says sure. We hunker down to wait.

He arrives, and the thermostadt is NOT "right there" - we look everywhere it should be and can not find where the old one is/new one should go. I call a tow truck, and while I wait (ultimately about 75 minutes) for it to arrive to tow the car to Libertytown, Bruce rescues the girls and gets them home (thank goodness - they were getting antsy). So, 6 p.m. arrival at home it is. $207 later. Crap a third time.

But, I'm home. We had a most amazing week in Rehoboth. Perfect weather (well, all but one day). Perfect company. Perfect down time from work. Perfect in most every way. Above are a few of my very favorite pictures from among the 400 or so now on my computer. More on my Facebook, so go check 'em out. I still have to make another album becaue the limit is 60 pictures and I had too many I wanted to put up.

Oh, and on the drive my driving (left) arm got a terrible sunburn. It hurts! And Lucy had doubled in size in just one short week. We just went and picked her up from Carol & Bob's in Creagerstown. She seems glad to be home, but she looks so much more like an adult dog....

More later after I drink my gin & tonic and get some sleep......

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sun & Fun

I am rested and relaxed, and hopeful that these feelings will carry over into my life in general once I get back home.  

The beach is just so lovely this week.  Blue skies + hot temps + cold water = my kinda place.  We have had a few exciting moments with 10 teenagers in the house, but overall it is always nice to see them laughing and getting along so well.  We all went out to dinner at Jake's last night and it was great to drink Mojitos and have my best friend here on her birthday.  We figured out that the last time we spent more than a few hours together was 5 years ago when we celebrated our 40th b-days together.  It was more than overdue.

I've gotten a bit of a sunburn, but nothing too terrible.  Most days, I'm spending between five and eight hours on the beach, so even the best sunscreen, staying under the umbrella, and wearing my wide-brimmed hat can't prevent all sun exposure.  Plus, I have to admit, I sort of like having tan arms! Well, tan for me....nothing compared to Sharon and Avery, who tan when they just look at the sun for 5 minutes...

We'll be home soon, and I'll post pics then.  I've taken some amazing pictures this year. I think I'll even enter a few in the Great Frederick Fair this year!

Monday, June 23, 2008


We arrived, around 2 a.m. on Sunday morning, and have been in relax mode ever since.

I'm sitting on the screened in porch using Avery's laptop to update the blog. For some reason, I can't get a connection on my PC but everyone else is managing to connect. So at least I have some way to update - yea!

Can I just say that the water is FREEZING! When I immerse all but my head, it actually takes my breath away for a few minutes. Then everything goes numb. Today, we've had showers and thunderstorms, so were only out on the beach about an hour or so before we cleared out. Today will be a town/boards/house kind of day, I guess. If I can get to an internet cafe somewhere to connect and put photos up I will. I've gotten some really good shots of the girls in the water and on the beach.

Am trying to read some books, but none are capturing my attention very well. It's frustrating as I want to beach read so badly! But at least I have the sea air, the salt water, and the sand between my toes to calm me every day. More later!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Anger & Threats - resolved

Tori is quickly angling to stay home and not go to the beach after all. It just may happen. Seriously.

OK, she redeemed herself. She was thiiisss close to staying home to pet sit while I enjoyed a week at Rehoboth.

Lucy is dropped off and now we just have to get all of our crap crammed into her car. And perfom in/sit through a two-hour or so recital. And survive a 3+ hour drive in the wee hours. And....then.....


First day of vacation!!!!

Well, sort of....

Due to a certain teenager having to perform in her dance recital this evening, we can't head down to Rehoboth until about 10 p.m., but gives me more time to do laundry, organize, and pack I guess. That's today's agenda.

We have to take Lucy over to my friend Carol's around 1:00. Carol and her husband Bob are being so kind as to keep her during our beach week. She is so excited, too, to have a puppy at her house. So not only do I have to pack my stuff up, but I have to pack Lucy's up, too! And write directions for care and stuff. I almost forgot that I have to do that part....

Then, recital at 7 and Tori will do her first long drive to Rehoboth. I am glad that between going down and coming back she will get 6-7 more hours logged in. And there should be very little traffic, so we may even get there in less time. Maybe.

And then....I can sink my toes into the sand and relax! For six whole days!!!

I haven't yet decided whether or not I'm going to take my computer to the beach, so this may be my last post for awhile. Or not. Wish it were easier to decide things! You'll just have to tune in to see...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thoughts, for what they're worth

You know it's going to be a good day when you got a full night of sleep to start it off...Lucy slept through the night!!! It didn't hurt that I took her to Baker Park while Tori was in rehearsal. Right off the bat, I ran into Carolynn Ashoff and her bf Josh and his siblings at the tennis courts. They spent about 30 minutes playing with Lucy and wearing her partially out.

Then Lucy and I walked the whole perimiter of that part of Baker Park - she walked on the leash nearly the whole way - what a stout puppy!!! Of course there were the requisite "oohs" and "aahs" from people along the way. She approached everyone she met with wags and puppy kisses. What a good girl! But boy was she ever worn out in total by the time we went back to the studio to pick Tori up. And she retired to her crate at about 10 p.m. and was still in there, quiet as a mouse, when I got up at 5:15 - yipppeee!

Now if I could just get her to stop playing with shoes and play only with her many toys....which she is now in the process of removing from her crate one-by-one and attacking - good dog!

So only two more days of work and then REHOBOTH! I am so excited. We're going much earlier than usual this year, which is nice in a way. The water won't be as warm and I practically live in the ocean and on the beach reading, so that will be interesting. I will just be so glad to recharge my batteries. Spending time with some of my favorite people in the world - Ruthie has become so much more than a close friend - she's a confidante, a healer, a breath of fresh air when I'm getting whacko about things out of my contol. And Sam is coming! For three or four whole days! It's rare anymore that we get to spend more than a few hours together. Life just gets in the way. So my bestest buddy since we were 14 (well, she was 14 when we met but I was still a young 13 for several weeks. she is, after all, older than I!) and I will get to spend a chunk of time hanging out. 30 years older, 30 years wiser, three kids between us, still crazy after all these years (wait, isn't that a song?). Can you say sangria and margaritas?!?!?

Ahhh, I am sooooo ready!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday musings

Ahhhh, a Monday when I don't have to be at work. Nice. I am up early anyway because a certain puppy spent the first full night in her crate, and she did well from 11-3:30, but then from 3:30-6 she cried the whole time. I managed to ignore her and sleep some, but it wasn't a good sleep. I made Tori get up once, around 4:30, to see if she needed to go out (which she did), but mostly she just had separation anxiety. She is a major social animal - loves people (so come meet her if you haven't yet!). This is great, except for in the wee hours. Then it sucks!

So I have stuff to do around the house, and I'm heading out to Sam's Club with Ruthie some time this morning to buy basics for the beach (6 days and counting down!). Then, of course, Tori has Once Upon a Mattress rehearsal tonight. Yuk. And I've gotten myself backed into helping with costuming. Yes, you read that right. I, who can not sew a stitch, am helping with costumes. They swear it's just help with taking measurements (which I shouldn't be able to screw up too badly) and maybe hand sewing a few hems (which I can manage). Still. The one thing I've always avoided and I got conned into feeling guilty enough to help with it. I must love FtP.

Even though I really do love my job, any day not working is a good day. I plan to enjoy it, and I'll see if there's anything more exciting to post another day. Meanwhile, I've also posted a new picture of Lucy above for your viewing pleasure...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Through the tears - remembering Tim Russert

The shocking news this afternoon that NBC's Washington Bureau Chief and political commentator Tim Russert has died suddenly of a heart attack has left me in a state of disbelief. As a self-proclaimed "political animal," I watch Meet the Press most Sundays and always watch the first 10-15 minutes of The Today Show to see what Tim has to say about the political news of the day. With his dry erase board all throughout this political campaign season, he kept tabs on who would get their respective party's nomination, and I was always listening for his opinions, his take on things. He was always on the mark, and I have such respect for his ability to stay neutral even though I know his political leanings and his religious views. THAT is what this country was built on - people being able to set aside their own personal gain/beliefs for the benefit of the many vs. wanting happiness and well being for only those who think/act/pray as they do.

Probably what is most difficult for me to imagine is these next few months leading up to the presidential election without Tim Russert there to guide me through. He was so jubulant about the firsts this election season - first woman running for president, first African-American to be nominated by one of the "big two" parties as their presidential candidate, first primary season in recent memory to ever go all the way down to the wire the way it has. He always said that he is proud of our country and its political process. Even when I've been in doubt as to why on earth I keep voting when the system is such a mess and so few people participate in the process, Tim brought me back to the realization that I keep voting because it is my duty - and every American of voting age's duty - to do my (their) part to make a difference. He always spoke his mind, but not in a disparaging or mean way. He loved his family, he loved his work, he loved his country.

I am so sad for his wife and son, for his father, who now has to bury his child, for his colleagues, and for us "common" folks who watch the news and try to understand and keep up with how things work and what on earth is going on with the election process. We are poorer now for his loss. He will be so sorely missed.

No, I didn't know him, never met him. But I felt like he was the guy next door. His death has hit me hard, and I am so saddened. I am glad I'm working this Sunday so I can't turn on Meet the Press and be reminded that he's not going to be on that set. I have enough faith to believe that he's in a better place, that God needed him up there with Him to help HIM understand what on earth is going on here in America!!! Just like when my mom died right before Cal Ripken, Jr.'s final game as a player - she had the best seats in the house from up there! But I selfishly wish that he'd had many more than those short 58 years here on earth, contributing his wit, wisdom, and laughter to the mostly tense world of politics. Tears for someone I never met? You betcha. I just can't help it.

Summer in Full Swing

The clematis is blooming out front, so I know that it is, indeed, full out summer.

On another note, can I just say how proud I am of Tori for being such an amazing pet mom. She is sleep-deprived and elated to have Lucy here, just like any mom. It is so cute to watch her with the puppy. In addition, she is caring so carefully for the cats and the guinea pig. It's a lot to keep up with - food & water, litter box, cage maintenance. And she's juggling it all so well. Plus helping with laundry and dishes and general clean-up around here. All while basically sleepwalking. Lucy sleeps in short spurts and needs to go out pretty frequently, so this teenager, who usually sleeps until noon or 1 on her days off, has been up every 2-3 hours through the night and then up at 5 a.m. to start her day. I have told her to sleep when the puppy sleeps, but she can't seem to get on that schedule. So, she's going on 3-4 hours of real sleep a night. But she's not complaining. She loves this dog!

I changed my schedule around so I'm off today and Monday. Thought I'd sleep in this morning - haha! I was up, as usual, at 4:45, so I took over Lucy duty. It will be nice to have today to get some stuff done around the house, then I'm going to the Orioles game tonight with my sister, cousin, & niece. We're sitting right behind 1st base, near the Oriole dugout. There's a ceremony honoring Earl Weaver tonight, too, so I feel lucky to be able to see that. I love Earl!

Then work Saturday & Sunday, but maybe it won't be too bad. OK, I'm determined it won't be too bad! There. It'll be fine.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Between the new puppy and dance classes or Once Upon a Mattress rehearsals until 9:30 or 9:45 each evening this week (Tori, not me, though she needs transportation!), I have been way off schedule and am starting to feel the pain of much less sleep than normal. Plus, I woke up at 3 this morning and took Lucy out so Tori could continue to sleep, then Iolaus and Bo wanted attention and I felt badly about the attention Lucy is demanding, so I petted them for a good while. Iolaus is doing surprisingly well with the puppy, but Bo is uberly freaked out. We totally expected the opposite.

It doesn't help that I have to work as Manager on Duty at Citizens this weekend, either. Eight days straight working until I have two days off. Yuk. But then - REHOBOTH!!!! Only 10 days until my toes hit the sand, and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it this year. Lucy is going to stay with a co-worker of mine, Carol Haugh, and her husband the week we're at the beach. They are so excited to be having her! Carol's already asking me when my next vacation will be so she can have her again.

I guess I've procrastinated getting my butt in gear to get in to work long enough....I have to go get my camera from the Misners so I can take more puppy pictures and get them up on the blog.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Puppy power

Well, after years without a dog, the Weaver household is about to try to manage puppydom - getting a little girl dachound/cocker spaniel mix tomorrow. She's almost 8 weeks old and a colleague of mine's mom and dad need to find good homes for her and her brother. No name chosen yet. We want to have her here for a few days and get a sense of her personality before we choose. Bruce is less than sure that this is a good idea (that's putting it mildly), but with school letting out and Tori not having any camps or anything this summer, it will be the perfect opportunity for her to work with a puppy. She wants to get in shape, so there will be many "woofie walks" on her horizon. Once school starts up in the Fall, I hope to be able to take her (the puppy, not Tori!) to work with me most days so she won't be home alone too much.

So, wish us luck. We'll go pick her up tomorrow after Tap class and see how it goes. Tori knows that, since she's the only one in the house who won't have to be at work in the mornings, she's on "whine duty" every night and she'll have to get her butt out of bed at a decent hour to go on walks. She swears she's ready, and I have to believe she is.

So, here's the girl herself --- who could possibly resist those eyes?!??

A BIRD?!?!?

So, I heard on the news on my way in to work today that yesterday's power outage was due to a bird flying into a substation and killing power to a wide are - something like 19,000 homes & businesses. Guess it killed the bird as well, but no definitive word on that. So, 72Festers, that's something to tell your kids some day, how your shot at fame & glory was interrupted by a bird.

Hot Enough For Ya'??

OK, so I HATE this heat & humidity. That being said, I know I'm in for a lot more of it before this summer fades into fall. Oh well. I'll just have to deal!

Tori and I went to the Frederick Festival of the Arts yesterday to browse around a little bit before our shift volunteering for the FtP table. There weren't a lot of people down there, folks. The art this year was amazing. I wanted to buy one whole booth out. They had the most amazing bowls, utensils, pitchers, and margarita glasses and I wanted to outfit my whole kitchen with cool new stuff. Alas, my wallet did not want to cough up enough cash for me to be able to make this dream come true! I did get Sam a cool 45th b-day gift, though. And I'll be able to give it to her at the beach since SHE'S JOINING US FOR A FEW DAYS -- YEA!

We tried to support Team Charlie from Linganore H.S. by going to see their one-act play at the 72 Play Fest at the Cultural Arts Center. Bought our tickets, settled in, enjoyed half of the Frederick High School group's performance (it was really impressive!), then - uh oh - power outage. Whole of downtown and then some. Crap. Play Fest rescheduled. Those poor writers/directors/performers worked so hard on their plays, and then circumstances beyond their control wrecked things. Sorry, guys. We wanted to be there for you....!

So it was a nice weekend in all. Jesse's graduation party Saturday night was a lot of fun, too. But now it's time to head back to work. I'd better get moving!

Friday, June 6, 2008

It's Friday!

Fridays are generally something I look forward to, but in the nursing home business, they can be the most stressful and hectic day of the week - the hospitals try to discharge as many people as possible prior to the start of the weekend, so we sometimes get slammed. Not that admissions are a bad thing - I love 'em - but they create a lot of work for my colleagues and me. I just wish they were spread out more during the 5 weekdays to create more balance, but see, there I go wishing for things beyond my control again.....

So today was pretty busy at work, but I got home at a decent time (after quick stops at Scrapbooks & More and the Safeway). Wait - is there ever a quick stop at a scrapbooking store? Well, hey, I got out of there for less than $20 since they're having a 30% off sale on everything all weekend. And I got some cool stuff!

Anyway, as I strongly believe in child labor, I put Tori to work getting dinner started before I got home and threw the salad together once I got here. Bruce went out and harvested fresh lettuce from my small garden plot, and that is always nice - fresh salad just says "spring/summer" like not much else.

So, pretty mundane info today, but they can't all be gems, now can they?!? I'm looking forward to a great, relaxing weekend!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Beauty in a Garden

I got to spend an hour or so with my friend, Ruthie, at her beautiful place nearby. She has a huge property full of gardens, animals, and ponds, so it's a great place to go to relax and regain perspective on life. Doesn't hurt that she's the type of friend who loves me no matter what she knows about me and she doesn't ever judge me. Makes it very easy to be me there.

So she just showed me around and we looked at all of the blooming flowers, the ducks (there were two mamas sitting on nests!), and just enjoyed each others' company. I took several photos, some of which I'm posting here - see what I mean?! What an awesome place!

I feel much more relaxed and positive about things now. I realize that I can't control anyone's behavior but my own, but sometimes it's easier to accept that than at other times. I may feel badly about a situation that I had nothing to do with, or wish that I could make people treat each other more kindly. But ultimately, I can't do anything to change those things. I can change my outlook and not feel so badly that my mood is shot.

So enjoy the pictures, and may you find positive perspective, too!

Welcome to My World - My first post!

First, thanks to the multi-talented Kevin Cole for giving me the inspiration to finally start a blog. His blog is ever changing and fun to check in on, so I thought...what the heck. Sign me up!

My world is probably very similar to most...busy with work and activities, never enough time to just chill out, worries out the gazoo. But it's also full of opportunities for growth, learning, and change for the better. I hope to be able to express some of my opinions here, so watch out, world. If you don't know me well yet, you will get to know that I have some very strong opinions on things!

I'm not really sure who on earth will want to check in to read this on any sort of regular basis, but whatever....I'm hoping that doing this will help me keep track of my thoughts and musings, so even if people don't read, it will be therapeutic for me.

So, welcome!